Exceptional service, financing, and parts combine with a broad inventory of pre-owned vehicles at Jerry for the People. Our commitment to car buyers in Hawaii, built upon years of experience, is evident from the moment you enter our car dealership at 46-201 Kahuhipa St in Kaneohe, HI.

Brand New Cars For Sale

Finding the Right Car Dealership and Vehicle

The experienced car dealers at Jerry for the People know that finding the right car dealership can be a tricky proposition. Some people get lucky and find one on the first try, while others must check around a few times before finding a dealer they’re comfortable with. There are many car dealers in Hawaii, but few, if any, can match our dedication, unwavering customer service, and our desire to build lifelong relationships with our clients. We’re 100 percent committed to finding you the pre-owned, certified pre-owned car, SUV, minivan, or truck that fits perfectly with your needs and budget.

Shopping for used cars in Hawaii is a lot like finding the right dealer. Sometimes, you find the perfect automobile on your first try, and other times you need to test drive several different makes/models before you find the ideal vehicle. It helps to create a game plan. Establish a budget, decide whether you want to lease or buy, and determine your priorities for your next car. Some priorities are obvious, i.e. you’re growing family needs a bigger vehicle, while others are more subtle – for example, do you prefer fuel economy over power, practicality versus cutting-edge technology, etc.

What Sets Us Apart                                                   

Our status as a leading car dealership in Hawaii wouldn’t be possible without the support and loyalty of our customers. We’ve been lucky enough to work with thousands of car shoppers over the years, and based on the feedback we’ve received from them, our customer-first approach has worked well. Here are some reviews we’ve received from customers:

  • “They are all sincere, all the staff I met.”
  • “They treated me like family.”
  • “This is more than a car dealership. It’s a transportation ohana.”
  • “Great service! You got me the car of my dreams!”

A combination of selection, value, experience, and service, all provided at the highest level, is what sets Jerry for the People apart from its competitors. Treating our customers with respect, forging relationships that last a lifetime, and caring for the car and the person are things that come naturally to us.